Air transport

Air shipment : freight or cargo

The "Air shipment" in recent years has greatly expanded with the expansion of baggage to carry both large numbers of passengers but also "Freight" and the emergence of large aircraft called "Cargo"exclusively for transporting goods.

Speed, consistency and reliability with which the transport can be done will allow you to respond quickly to your urgent requests, reduce your inventory (if you are an industrial) and avoid the risk of rupture of the chain of your products .

These three criteria make it very efficient mode of transport.

Deliver by plane your goods

We can deliver "Single or Batch Groupage", your goods:

By "importation": From the airport of the sender to your home, cleared through the various major airports of France located nearest you.

By "exportation": Since your address given destination airport or the recipient's address, your merchandise is dangerous or not (after acceptance by us).

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News transport

Express shipment and dedicated in IDF and National

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