Trans Freight Int'l

Trans Freight Int'l, forwarder in multimodal transport and logistics, you offer the management of your shipment your goods around the world.

For you, whether you want to import or export your goods, we ensure you a quality and a reliable service and completely dedicated throughout of your shipments of your goods.

How to ship your goods ?

Our main activity is to organize the "door to door" all transport and logistics of your goods "By Sea", "By Air" or "By Road". We are in a position to take care of your goods from the place of your convenience or from our warehouse and offer several modes of transport best suited but totally dedicated to your needs.


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Customs formalities

TRANS FREIGHT INT'L inform you of obtaining their approval and customs to perform on your behalf customs...

New Services to citizens

You don't have enough personal effects for a complete container ? We have for you a solution...

Express shipment and dedicated in IDF and National

You need an Express shipment of your parcel in "Ile de France" and "National" ? Contact us.... More